What do you love?

Let me tell you what I love….

sylvanfairy Sept 2016

I love the sound of certain voices

Like medicine

Like salve on a wound

art journal 2016

I love it when I laugh

I love the rain and the smell of rain

I love meadows

And the woods

And sand stretching as far as I can see

if you need to go to the water, then go

I love stones and gems and crystals

I love fire and smoke

And walking in the dark with a good friend

Shall I tell you more?

“Barely Looking” 2015

I love good conversation

About people and their hearts

About places I’ve never been

About what lives inside of us

“Milkmaid Makes a Wish” 2014

I love painting, and making things that move people

that move Me

I love magical spaces

And believing in fate and kismet and

long life journeys

“Untitled” 2015

I love beds by windows

Scents and oils and candles

I love tasting

I love listening

photo-5 copy
Wild Card -2014

I love The Great Mystery


One who lives in my heart

and guides me…


I can go on…




I am a bird

What I I mean is

I have been asking them to fly

with me

“Backwards Glance” 2014

to be under a bird in flight

to see a bird fly

feel the air

inside you

watch the undulating flap

taste the wind

“Coming Alive” 2014

I enjoy the underside of them

the belly of a bird

as I look up

their movement

the forward stroke

effortless ease

“dreaming” 2014

I am dreaming

I am dreaming

am I dreaming?

this kind of normalcy

for winged ones




If I gaze long enough

I am flying too




Two Dimensional

I’m kind of flat now

I am pressed

I noticed it in the mirror the other day

Like a paper doll

sort of flimsy or just

just flat

“Girl” 2013

The juniper oil in the air here

It’s like a light

It is a light

my papery dust wings


searching for it


I remember things

No one knows

So those memories

are my own nothing




I suppose those are good

sacred meadow

Occasionally the leaves let it be so

The pine needles

stick to my skin…

My kid ate one

Pan and The Goddess

I want to be three dimensional

I like the idea of things poking out of me

And into me

I like the jutting out

The obvious curve

Art Journal 2013

When I feel flat

I wait.

I slumber

I remember

any hand that touched

this sculpture

and made it sing

“Fairy Got Kissed”  2016

I sometimes make soup

or puddings….


or crawl straight into the lions



once, when i was a bird

a made a line across the sky

a river in my heart
A River in My Heart -Art Journal page 2016


winding through the clouds

i punctured silences of things long buried

and so the rain came and wash-ed over me


“Letting in Truth” acrylic and pencil on canvas 2014

the water came

the rain

looking like the tears of a bird

dripping off my tongue

and down my throat

art journal cry with the moon
“crying with the Moon” art journal 2016


it soothed my flight

quenched the long standing unspoken

i had held to my breast

opened the river in my heart

set loose the smoke

of a woman’s long

inherent song

“Garden Bed” acrylic, collage, pencil on joint compound over wood board

the ancient strength

borned Goddess right

all came pouring in

and pouring down

as I stepped off the edge

and into the sky

gifting my foretelling or prediction

of what is to come



The Death


I heard a sound

from you

it sounded like a hurt dove

I felt ugly

And so I turned

and I welcomed the death

and the crying bed

and all of the

things I thought I could fix

I listened to the little heartbeat

the pulse

of my child’s finger

I whispered things

I don’t remember now

I captured the beaten, pulpy, disregard of it all

in a clean cloth

and then set it free

I remember that day

I spoke to the branches

and to the wind

and to the mosaic tile

I tried to create
It went unnoticed

It got swept away


by things I can’t put names to
torture tools of

the unbeknownst


be present

I still cringe

and I still wonder…

I had to scratch it out,

black it out

and then write it all down again.


caress the smokey path

the tilled journey of blackness

the lilt of shadows

deer moth
“Winged Deer” acrylic, pencil, wax on wood board and plaster 2016

let the flute and the coyotes

sing you

to the gate

“Lemon-aid” large 2′ x 4′ acrylic on canvas 2014

as the red lights flash

the weird little red lights of warning


don’t hesitate to climb onto the big rocks

climb them to the precipice

and then jump

even if your bones break and

people ponder

the fall

abandoning the left overs
“Abandoning the Leftovers” acrylic and pencil on wood board with joint compound 2015

Leave the mess

Leave the torn and attempted bandages

ready for pasting -art journal prep 2014

take your wrist and turn it downward

let your hand dangle

notice how it hangs in the silence

this is a type of language

the language of a hand held

against its wish

all the moths dropping

from its fingers

in the dark

What is Happening to Me?

Do you know?

I was screeching this.

I was unwinding my insides.

art journal spring 2016


I feel like a wild animal.

Scratching and marking and hunting.

If you ask me to behave,

I most likely will not.

art journal 2016


I’m not afraid to lay open.

I’m unafraid to bleed out.

If you are afraid of my smooth skin

and my loud voice

then go away.

Artfest collage work 2016

When I became this way

was when the grass in the meadow spoke

When it told me

I was home

That’s when I became earth

and started to smell of it

juniper portal in the Sacred Meadow

Your touch sets me on fire

In all the bad ways

work in progress 2015

I’m my ghost

I’m my sacred, wet, woman self

I’m making all the music

“from LA with love ” 2016


When I say, I’m dying

When I died

When I say I’m dying

every day

after almost everything I feel

and hear

and say

That’s when I realize

I’m alive.

“I Speak this Way” art journal 2016

And I want to lick it

I want to lick it

And wear it

And smell it

I wanna go in broken

And feel it

I won’t stop easy.


so I read “you are at the end of your rope”

and “fear looks; faith jumps”

it threw me into a dither

art journal page 2016

the drum and rattle

the monsters on the mantel

the good kind house on the land

I am dying

“Song of the Starved Soul” art journal #sylvanfairyart 2016

I love only rain today

The word Vanish is my friend



I am only going to write what I want

sylvanfairy at the yellow house

I envision black strips of fabric used as binding

Loosely wound mummy style

Woven between

Skin and

Bones and



I notice the everything in it

I notice the stifling


And the stench

And ignorance


I wait for sleep

And I ask to be carried there

I ask to be lifted and carried there

“Moth”  large acrylic on canvas #sylvanfairyart

I imagine Spirit holds my hand

And waits with me

Unable to do anything

But make Its presence known

and I think very quietly that suffering together

may work

“Speaking with Spirit” art journal 2016

In a Dark Way

my heart beats like a

trapped and dying animal

like a re-opened wound

or soft fresh scab

“Dancing with the Moon” -art journal

it aches with truth

trying to escape

looking for a fruitful branch

a wise old tree

or mothering

art journal -trapped light
“Trapped Light” -art journal

my heart bleeds itself open

dripping small red dots

that smell like

the frozen biting wind


it pulsates raw knowing

splatterings of shut valves

plugged ducts

a brokenness

only some know

“Re-Entry” 2016

my heart carries me

it reminds me

it hears me

and it sees me

in a dark way

full and red and bursting