Two Dimensional

I’m kind of flat now

I am pressed

I noticed it in the mirror the other day

Like a paper doll

sort of flimsy or just

just flat

“Girl” 2013

The juniper oil in the air here

It’s like a light

It is a light

my papery dust wings


searching for it


I remember things

No one knows

So those memories

are my own nothing




I suppose those are good

sacred meadow

Occasionally the leaves let it be so

The pine needles

stick to my skin…

My kid ate one

Pan and The Goddess

I want to be three dimensional

I like the idea of things poking out of me

And into me

I like the jutting out

The obvious curve

Art Journal 2013

When I feel flat

I wait.

I slumber

I remember

any hand that touched

this sculpture

and made it sing

“Fairy Got Kissed”  2016

I sometimes make soup

or puddings….


or crawl straight into the lions


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