once, when i was a bird

a made a line across the sky

a river in my heart
A River in My Heart -Art Journal page 2016


winding through the clouds

i punctured silences of things long buried

and so the rain came and wash-ed over me


“Letting in Truth” acrylic and pencil on canvas 2014

the water came

the rain

looking like the tears of a bird

dripping off my tongue

and down my throat

art journal cry with the moon
“crying with the Moon” art journal 2016


it soothed my flight

quenched the long standing unspoken

i had held to my breast

opened the river in my heart

set loose the smoke

of a woman’s long

inherent song

“Garden Bed” acrylic, collage, pencil on joint compound over wood board

the ancient strength

borned Goddess right

all came pouring in

and pouring down

as I stepped off the edge

and into the sky

gifting my foretelling or prediction

of what is to come



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