Sylvan Bourgette is an artist, and healer, a mother of 6, and a real fairy.

Her honest intuitive art and poetry are her medicine for cleansing and mending.

She believes in the magic of moonlight and kind hearts.

She was raised in a small wood, in a magical yellow house

by a loving mother witch and the gentle hands of her father, a potter.

She fights for what she believes in, sits in circles of women whom have suffered abuse and personal trauma, and raises her voice against dishonesty and inequality

She has a collection of bells and keys, and keeps feathers, and charms on her windowsill.

She walks with moth, flies with birds, and listens to coyotes.

She is made of roses, lavender, lilac, cilantro, cardamom, and black pepper.


Sylvan Bourgette is the founder and director of The Moonpaper Tent a creative arts studio in Seattle

She has an Etsy shop which she tries to keep up to date sort of

You can find her on Instagram and Pinterest as sylvanfairy

She teaches intuitive based art classes, and facilitates women’s circles based on ritual, poem, and paint.

You can email her at sylvanfairy@moonpapertent.org