What do you love?

Let me tell you what I love….

sylvanfairy Sept 2016

I love the sound of certain voices

Like medicine

Like salve on a wound

art journal 2016

I love it when I laugh

I love the rain and the smell of rain

I love meadows

And the woods

And sand stretching as far as I can see

if you need to go to the water, then go

I love stones and gems and crystals

I love fire and smoke

And walking in the dark with a good friend

Shall I tell you more?

“Barely Looking” 2015

I love good conversation

About people and their hearts

About places I’ve never been

About what lives inside of us

“Milkmaid Makes a Wish” 2014

I love painting, and making things that move people

that move Me

I love magical spaces

And believing in fate and kismet and

long life journeys

“Untitled” 2015

I love beds by windows

Scents and oils and candles

I love tasting

I love listening

photo-5 copy
Wild Card -2014

I love The Great Mystery


One who lives in my heart

and guides me…


I can go on…




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