The Storm

Come here

I will tell you a story

birthday chair
Birthday Chair

let the rain drops be a kiss

and let the wind be a dance

lay down your life at the foot of What Is

place it gently

with trust

The Magic of a Woman

as the leaves scatter across my soul

I light a candle

I kneel down in the dark

I choose not to wear shoes

and find pleasure in the wet ground

under my feet

“Making Friends with Fire”

I am the branches falling

the animals hiding

the water rising over the bridge

all the broken things

I can be frightening at times

“Standing Inside the Storm”


But this is not how the story ends

with windows breaking

or things ripped from the earth

roots trailing…

It is how the story goes

in a storm.

the most blessed days come after

looking like tenderness so tender

we forget storms even exist

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