What is Happening to Me?

Do you know?

I was screeching this.

I was unwinding my insides.

art journal spring 2016


I feel like a wild animal.

Scratching and marking and hunting.

If you ask me to behave,

I most likely will not.

art journal 2016


I’m not afraid to lay open.

I’m unafraid to bleed out.

If you are afraid of my smooth skin

and my loud voice

then go away.

Artfest collage work 2016

When I became this way

was when the grass in the meadow spoke

When it told me

I was home

That’s when I became earth

and started to smell of it

juniper portal in the Sacred Meadow

Your touch sets me on fire

In all the bad ways

work in progress 2015

I’m my ghost

I’m my sacred, wet, woman self

I’m making all the music

“from LA with love ” 2016


When I say, I’m dying

When I died

When I say I’m dying

every day

after almost everything I feel

and hear

and say

That’s when I realize

I’m alive.

“I Speak this Way” art journal 2016

And I want to lick it

I want to lick it

And wear it

And smell it

I wanna go in broken

And feel it

I won’t stop easy.

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