caress the smokey path

the tilled journey of blackness

the lilt of shadows

deer moth
“Winged Deer” acrylic, pencil, wax on wood board and plaster 2016

let the flute and the coyotes

sing you

to the gate

“Lemon-aid” large 2′ x 4′ acrylic on canvas 2014

as the red lights flash

the weird little red lights of warning


don’t hesitate to climb onto the big rocks

climb them to the precipice

and then jump

even if your bones break and

people ponder

the fall

abandoning the left overs
“Abandoning the Leftovers” acrylic and pencil on wood board with joint compound 2015

Leave the mess

Leave the torn and attempted bandages

ready for pasting -art journal prep 2014

take your wrist and turn it downward

let your hand dangle

notice how it hangs in the silence

this is a type of language

the language of a hand held

against its wish

all the moths dropping

from its fingers

in the dark

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