Let me tell you what I really think


“Woman Unchained”   -sylvanfairy 

I’m afraid…

Can I say this now?

Don’t tell me to shut up

Because what if I don’t?


Let me say it!

Let me say what I feel

And let me roll around in the dirt of my

Beautiful Life.


If I talk talk about wolves and owls

Then do you understand me?

Or if I talk of ancient deserts and Gods I know nothing about

Do I make sense then?

Who makes sense, really….

Covering up. And covering up again

I lay every night with myself,

And I make love to my own new skin


I cum when I cry…

I cry when I cum….

I worry about ‘School Glue” and cough medicine

And my feet,

And their lives.

Dancing with friends

I sink

and I swim


barely have my own skin……

Excuse me if I got it wrong

I’m dying.

I got a peaceful easy feeling

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